Yamaha NS-SW050 subwoofer (Black)


TYPE: Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology Ⅱ (A-YST Ⅱ) / speaker unit: 20cm cone type (non-magnetically shielded) / reproduction frequency band: 28Hz ~ 200Hz / Output: 50W (100Hz, 5Ω 10% THD)
※ Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz) / power consumption: 30W
Dimensions (width × height × depth): 291W × 292H × 341Dmm / mass: 8.5kg
Accessories: Subwoofer pin cable (5m), Japanese manual
Japanese manual URL (PDF): http://download.yamaha.com/api/asset/file/?language=ja&site=jp.yamaha.com&asset_id=67900

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The charm of its own technology = Tsuisuteddofurea port to create a clear bass to more familiar Entry-level model of the A = YSTⅡ subwoofer.
Proprietary technology, port to create a clear bass
      From the inlet towards the outlet by changing the spreading how port, by further adding "twist", adopted suppress turbulence of a port at both ends, which has been a cause of noise Yamaha of the "Tsuisuteddofurea Port" want did. The disturbance of the air generated by the challenge a was the port end of the conventional subwoofer is greatly reduced, by reducing the turbidity of wind noise and sound, also clear and faithful realism of the sound effects and live video of the movie to reproduce bass.
Originality of the A-YSTⅡ method that enables deep bass reproduction that exceeds the size
      Based on the concept of the air itself to be used as a vibration plate "air woofer", Yamaha's unique technology that allows for deep bass reproduction that is comparable to large-scale systems in a compact cabinet, A-YST (Advanced Yamaha Active Servo technology) has adopted the a-YSTⅡ method further improved the system.
20cm woofer unit which adopted the non-press high rigidity cone, equipped with a full discrete configuration power amplifier
      The vibration plate of 20cm woofer unit, mixed with Kevlar fiber and Manila hemp in the paper cone, has adopted a non-press high rigidity cone which has been subjected to sound quality tuning in NS-SW050 only. Along with the reduction in weight and high rigidity of the diaphragm, won the high internal loss to have the appropriate thickness to corn by not performing the press work, it has achieved a good quality balance of properties suitable for bass reproduction. Further power amplifier of the total output 50W, by a full discrete structure that employs a large power transistor in the power supply unit, to achieve superior drivability, was to allow the bass reproduction with crisp clear.

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