Panasonic SC-PMX90 Micro Audio System


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  • Compact Audio SC-PMX90
  • High-Res music quality
  • Wide compatibility
  • AUX-IN Auto Play
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The PMX90 produces a beautifully expressive dynamic sound perfectly suited for high resolution audio. This is due to its combination of a 3-way speaker design and a silk dome tweeter capable of reaching frequencies as high as 50 kHz. Natural sound with minimal interference or distortion Experience music as it was meant to be heard with LincsDAmp.

The latest innovative version of this technology manages to correct issues such as jitter and power noise which usually cause distortion when playing digital music.

High quality audio pieces unleash the full potential of high resolution audio To get the best sound quality from today's high resolution audio formats, you need to use the best components. That's why Panasonic has worked hard to source only the best materials for the PMX90 to ensure it is designed to make a real HiFi difference.

Premium Aluminum Audio Electrolytic Capacitors Synthetic mica powder is mixed in electrolytic paper and copper coated steel wires are used for the leads of these aluminum audio electrolytic capacitors.

The resulting sound is crisp and clear with a powerful presence.

Metallized polyester film capacitors These film capacitors are specially designed for audio use, with excellent frequency response and temperature characteristics, using electrodes deposited in metal.

The PMX90 uses a unique DAC controller and a USB driver system to let you hear all the details and richness of today's high resolution audio formats such as DSD, FLAC, WAV and AIFF.

Rich Bluetooth Sound Expression ReMaster compensates for signals lost due to data compression when playing Bluetooth sounds. It offers you high quality playback of sound sources from Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. AUX-IN Auto Play for audio devices and streaming devices Simply connect your existing audio device or streaming device, such as Chromecast Audio, to AUX-IN. Even if the power to the PMX90 is turned off, the audio signal from the device will be recognized, the power will be automatically activated and the music will be played from the AUX terminal.

Experience television with dramatically improved sound quality The PMX90 is equipped with optical input terminals for easy connection to your television. Enhance your viewing experience with superb quality sound. Designed to suit any room decor.

Aluminum is used on the front panel, top panel and main unit volume dial to provide a simple, high quality appearance.


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